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Hogrefe Publishing offers scientifically-based digital and printed assessments, books, and journals focused on psychiatry and psychology.

Our core market segments are the clinical, educational and human resources domains.

Hogrefe is a stable company with dedication to build software development expertise with long-term focus.


We are located in the heart of Helsinki at Kaisaniemenkatu 10, right next to the University of Helsinki metro station. In our office you meet a diverse group of professionals, from software engineers to neuropsychologists. When not working remotely, we enjoy our comfy office together.

Greenfield project

Our current software system has a proven product-market-fit and it provides steady revenue stream. However, to be competitive also in the future, we have commenced building our next generation software. In addition to improving the operational software system of today, the Helsinki team works on the next generation system. We are an ideal team for anyone interested in building a system from scratch.

Meaningful Application of Cutting-Edge Technology

Currently, we are working on a number of prototype projects that tackle significant business problems and come with interesting technical challenges. These challenges provide possibilities to apply cutting-edge software technology for meaningful purposes. Examples are a Web Component library for industrial collaboration, an IaC and deployment automation that supports both public and private cloud environments, rich user interaction and gameplay - like elements in front-end for modern assessments, reliable data encryption, data protection and zero-knowledge architecture for sensitive data, and an event-driven microservice system to build the system out of loosely coupled, highly cohesive services are a few examples of such challenges. We are actively looking for a state-of-the-art technology stack that will benefit us in the long run.

Trends of technology in psychology

One of the many technologies that is on the verge of reaching a degree of maturity appropriate for research-based psychological assessments is virtual reality. The treatment of phobias will be one application for such a situationally "realistic" setting. Many of our psychological digital products are rather complex apps on their own, some of which use Unity or the web canvas - API.

Team up with academia and startups

Assessments we provide are scientifically sound and backed by years of psychology research. We work with academics, top tech advisor firms, and start-up companies to provide solutions that utilize the most recent psychological research and latest technology.

New means to understand human behaviour

Having a purpose in your work is motivating. We are dedicated to introducing novel approaches to studying human behavior. Identifying learning impairments early or choosing a profession that fits your strengths and personality makes a difference. Not to mention the extensive work we perform in the clinical sector. Our code decodes the mind!

International Team

We are a global organization. With more than 400 people, we have offices in 16 different countries. Our software product activities are located in Boston, Helsinki, Madrid, and Göttingen, Germany. This team has about 30 members, including developers, psychologists, support staff, quality assurance, and design. Here is more information on who we are.

Junction 2022 Hackathon

Cross-site team formed of Hogrefe developers from Finland and Germany had a good time at Junction 2022. We participated in the track organized by Reaktor where the focus was on helping young adults with mental well-being issues. Our entry "Sentimentor" combined psychology with software development in a journaling application with real-time speech-to-text and sentiment analysis. We even made it to the podium (bronze).

Tech talk @ HelsinkiJS

Hogrefe sponsored a HelsinkiJS event a few weeks ago (the meetup, by the way, was also celebrating its 11th anniversary). Besides serving pizza and drinks at the Maria01 venue, we provided one of tech talks that night. The topic was our Web Components use case and we demonstrated the prototype developed using Lit, Vue, and Qti3.

We are hiring - Let's connect?

Ping Tuomas for more information via email (tuomas.jarvensivu_ext (at) hogrefe.fi) or phone (+358 40 734 6961)